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Aloha and Welcome, to the Home Page of Sonny Bradley the Hawaiian outrigger canoe craftsman.  The creator of the authentic Bradley canoes, a great line of Canoes for a variety of ocean conditions.   Bradley Canoes have been the choice . . . ’the winning edge’ for the very serious competitors . . .And yet a great choice for recreation and fun for all those paddlers, from youth to senior-masters.


Shell Vaa holds the record of (3) consecutive Record crushing victories.

No other crews, locally or internationally has achieved this status.

The crews powering Bradley canoes own (13) of the TOP 15 fastest tims

TAHARAA OLYMPICS having fun surfing swiftly down the Hawaiian waves


Team Bradley 

 World class athletes - holds the record in 2008  -  5:22:05 ;

with consecutive victories since 2005  through 2009,